It’s finally here. The ultimate F45 Training app.

Almost a year in the making, we’re excited to announce the rebrand of the F45 Challenge app to be the OFFICIAL and singular F45 Training app for iOS and Android. We’re also thrilled with the early feedback…

“Love this! So easy to book classes. Keeps all my F45 stuff in one place!“
“I like that all of the info is in one app.“
“Love the new display of the LionHeart details. It’s great that it’s all in one place now too.“
“Loving the new booking feature on this app! It’s so great to have it all in one place.“
“Love being able to book & check training all on one app. Love the dates easily accessible on top of bookings. Keep the great updates coming!“

For this first release we’ve prioritized existing F45 members first, addressing the most reported pain point of “too many apps”. This has involved a significant amount of effort earlier this year; creating a home for the F45 Challenge in the new app, integrating all the capability of LionHeart and now with the global rollout of class booking we can say we have one app that does it all.

Our strategy is unchanged – we’re committed to building the best, all-in-one F45 Training app so you can maximize your membership for the world’s best workout.

What’s new?

Book classes, join waitlists and check class schedules. With our exclusive F45 booking experience see all of our workout brands you know and love as well as exactly whether its a cardio, strength, recovery or hybrid day. You can also book an in-studio body scan, helping you to understand your body composition and personal fitness journey. This feature is for eligible Mindbody studios currently. We’re actively working on Glofox studios but don’t have a firm timeline to share yet.

What do I need to do?

Existing F45 Challenge app users – go to the app store and ensure you have updated to the latest version of the F45 Challenge app (it may already be renamed to ‘F45 Training’)
New F45 Training app users – search the app store for ‘F45 Training’ and get started!

What’s next?

  • Class counts attendance – we’ve heard you loud and clear! This feature is currently in closed testing with a handful of studios worldwide and expected to drop in the next few weeks.
  • Payments processing – such as purchasing class packs or paid scans and updating your credit card details is also coming soon. We’re in testing but don’t have a firm date yet and will share one shortly.
    • This will also support studios who have a charge for scans.

Known Issues and Fixes

We’ll keep this list up to date with known issues and what we’re working on.

  • 3.2.0 – RELEASED
    • Train > Add to Calendar not working (iOS 17 only)
    • Train > Class Details ‘X’ button not working
  • 3.2.1 – Expected release end of day Oct 17 (US timezone) / Oct 18 AU timezone)
    • Eat > Meal plans not showing correctly (iOS 17 only) – you are able to view on the F45 Challenge desktop app –
    • Track > Stats – Unable to save any values
    • Track > Daily Tracking not loading
    • Track > Order Meals > Trifecta – Back arrow was difficult to click
  • 3.2.2 – RELEASED
    •  Minor bug fixes and enhancements
  • 3.2.3 – RELEASED
    • Update to feedback widget for studios on Early Access to class counts
    • Show spots remaining/waitlists for scans
    • Fix for Address Screen UI
    • Bug: Train > Scan – Booking a scan for a studio you don’t have an active membership for puts you on the waitlist
  • 3.2.4 – RELEASED
    • Add to calendar ongoing issues with iOS 17
    • Articles can now be bookmarked
    • Recipe details accessibility enhancements
    • When joining a waitlist you’ll now see your position in the waitlist
    • Update to loading and registration screens
    • Resolved issue where library/camera couldn’t be accessed by the app

If you are experiencing any issues, ensure you update your app to get all the latest features and bug fixes and review the trouble shooting docs located here. If you’re still experiencing issues please reach out to support or submit feedback in the app.

We want to hear from you – what you love, loathe and want to see more of!


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