Tracking Stage 6 in the F45 Challenge App

F45 Product | Jul 2023

In preparation for Stage 6, we wanted to provide some guidance around how members should enter data in for the assessment.

Stage 6 is a partnered workout (teams of two), this means teams of two will be working together taking turns (i.e. only one person at a time) to get the highest number of combined reps they can for the exercises once they have achieved the buy-in.

The Stage 6 assessment will track only the assessed exercises, not the buy-in exercises. If a pair doesn’t meet the buy-in target, they must mark the exercise they didn’t get to do as ‘Did Not Attempt’.

If the pair does meet the buy-in target, they are then going to count their reps, add them together and enter the combined total into the exercise field, not the individual reps.

For the erg-machines, members will work in a relay format, taking turns to achieve max distance combined and must enter their combined distance into the exercise field

If members only put in their individual reps/distance, their scores will be far lower than they should be getting.

Happy Trialling!


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