Changing Your Fitness Mindset with the F45 Challenge

Perspective is a huge asset during a block period of training like the F45 Challenge. In fact, this can be the make-or-break factor for many individuals. The F45 Challenge isn’t solely about pushing your body, but your mind as well, and sustained fitness relies on this synergy of exercise and mindset. If you view physical activity as something that adds value to your lifestyle, you’ll be more likely to keep up positive fitness habits long after your challenge is over. Below, discover how to change your mindset with the F45 Challenge so you can develop the skills and inspiration to support your long-term health goals.

The key to a positive mindset during the F45 Challenge

Motivation is the key to sustained exercise¹ , both during an F45 Challenge and beyond. It’s easy to slip into a negative fitness mindset when initial enthusiasm drops. When we view our fitness goals as a means to an end, such as losing X amount of weight to look a certain way, rather than to improve health and general fitness, this is unlikely to produce long-term lifestyle changes². Instead of thinking of exercise as something we must do, it can become an activity that we get to enjoy that has clear success markers at every turn.

How to change your fitness mindset

It can be tricky finding the tools for how to get motivated to exercise. You can improve your fitness mindset by making manageable lifestyle changes, adding structure to your fitness regime and diet, staying accountable, and being consistent and patient with your efforts. This might sound daunting but remember that change doesn’t happen overnight! Below, F45 experts have outlined some of their tips to getting in the right fitness mindset to stay motivated throughout the F45 Challenge.

Stay accountable

When undertaking fitness challenges, a lot of emphasis gets placed on accountability because it plays a large role in re-setting your fitness mindset. You can use the support of your trainers and peers for external accountability, and for self-accountability, we recommend taking full advantage of the F45 app to set and track your personal goals. You can upload your photos, measurements, body scan and more, so you can easily monitor your progression. Ticking off your goals in real-time can be a great motivator, offering positive reinforcement that keeps you on track with your challenge.

Take your time

F45 Challenges run for 45 days, but it’s important to remember the adage, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Some members will find motivation in smashing their personal records, while others might be driven by healthy competition with other challengers. Whether this is your first attempt or you’re a seasoned challenger, it’s natural for motivation to have peaks and troughs. Overhauling your lifestyle and fitness mindset doesn’t happen all at once. Take your time, avoid comparing your progression to others, and use the F45 Challenge as a tool to build a workout routine that you can sustain for the long haul.

Train consistently

Long-term fitness and wellbeing can be based on consistency. It takes time to transform our fitness behaviours into habits – sometimes up to six months³. F45 Challenges are 45-days long, and we encourage challengers to use this period as a framework for your future fitness regime, helping you form guided habits now that will set you up for future success. To get the most out of your F45 Challenge, we recommend incorporating 4-5 workouts into your weekly schedule, making sure you balance your cardio training, resistance training, and recovery days. This combines structure with variety, which is going to help you build discipline and stay consistent in your fitness efforts without losing interest.

Enjoy balanced nutrition

When we talk about how to get motivated to exercise, there’s often a lot of discussion around mental discipline and training consistency. However, since nutrition has such a large impact on your energy levels, take the F45 Challenge as an opportunity to reevaluate your food intake. At F45, we don’t prescribe to elimination or crash diets – these are proven to be ineffective in the long run4 – but we should be fuelling our bodies with the nutrient-rich and proteinaceous foods it needs to perform weekly strength training and cardio workouts. All foods can fit into our lifestyle, it’s just a matter of balance.

Prioritise recovery

Recovery is an invaluable part of the F45 Challenge and your wider fitness training. Motivation tends to come more easily at the beginning of a fitness challenge, especially after initial goal setting. However, going too hard too early isn’t sustainable and leads to burnout – a common exercise demotivator. Post-exercise recovery is crucial for steady physical improvement and better performance5 . It’s time to adjust your fitness mindset and prioritise rest days and
recovery time just as you would strength or cardio training. Make sure to incorporate F45 recovery workouts into your training regime throughout the F45 Challenge and beyond.

Share your progress with others

Feeling a sense of community can have a significant impact on exercise and mindset, which is one of the reasons why group fitness continues to be so popular6. We’ve talked about self-accountability, but when that falters, it helps if
you can lean on others for support and encouragement. This is one of the reasons our members love using the F45 Training app outside of in-person fitness classes; it allows users to share their goals, stats and motivation tips.

Understand outcomes and lifestyle maintenance

F45 Challenges are designed to be completed in 45 days, but they provide a great opportunity to stretch your physical and mental endurance, both of which are building blocks for a sustained health and fitness regime. Completing the F45 Challenge alongside your training community is a massive accomplishment in itself, but it’s also proof that you’re capable of hardwiring your brain to achieve a fitness mindset that you can maintain in your daily lifestyle.

Next, apply your new fitness mindset to unlock strength training benefits to support your long-term health.

1,2   Next, apply your new fitness mindset to unlock strength training benefits to supportyour long-term health.





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