11 Things You Should Know about Morgan Mitchell

By Susan Ciancio

F45 and Olympic athlete Morgan Mitchell is gearing up for next summer’s Olympics in Paris. Her drive and determination have inspired so many, and we want to introduce you to her. So here are eleven things you should know about this phenomenal athlete.

  1. Morgan is an Australian runner who has competed at two Olympic games.

Morgan ran the 400m in the Rio Olympics and the 800m in the Tokyo Olympics. She hopes to run both the 400m and 800m in the Paris Olympics. If she does, she will be the first Australian female to accomplish this.

  1. The Sydney Olympics in 2000 kickstarted Morgan’s love for sports in general.

Morgan was just six years old when she watched the Olympics in her home country and knew she wanted to be a part of it. After that, her parents enrolled her in several different sports, and she ultimately chose running as the one she loved most.

  1. Morgan has implemented “F45 Fridays” to keep fit.

Morgan varies her training throughout the week depending upon which training season she is in. She might be at the F45 gym as many as four days a week or just one. When she is actively training for the running season, she implements F45 Fridays and says they are her “favorite day of the week.”

  1. Morgan is studying fashion and marketing at university.

Morgan loves fashion and wants to eventually work as a creative director of a brand, design sets, and organize photo shoots. 

  1. Morgan started F45 in 2018 upon the encouragement of her sister.

Morgan’s sister is an F45 member and persuaded her to join. Once she did, she was “hooked.” She says that she loves being part of a gym with like-minded people and people who just want to increase their fitness levels. She also loves the fun and family atmosphere of the F45 gym.

  1. Morgan’s favorite thing about F45 is the diversity of workouts.

Morgan appreciates the versatility of the F45 workouts and says that they are never boring. She credits the coaches who are so full of energy with keeping the members hyped up and excited during the workouts. 


  1. Morgan’s talent and determination took her to her first Olympics.

Morgan had always wanted to visit Brazil. Knowing the 2016 Olympics were going to be in Rio increased her drive to train as hard as she could to make it to the Olympics. This resolve helped her achieve her dream. 

  1. The dining hall at the Olympic games was a truly unique experience for Morgan.

Morgan recalls that one of the most fun aspects of the Olympics is the dining hall because it’s the “biggest food hall on earth with some of the world’s best athletes.” She marvels at the fact that all the athletes eat together and that she got to “get up close and personal” with some of her favorite athletes while eating meals.

  1. Morgan has recently started yoga.

She uses this as her recovery day after a long week of training to make sure that she’s taking care of her body, staying as fit as possible, and enjoying her training. 

  1. Morgan takes a 30-minute walk every morning.

To wake her body up, Morgan takes a cup of coffee and walks along the beach near her home for about 30 minutes each morning. She says this is a great way to begin her day. 

  1. Morgan loves to travel.

Morgan has traveled all over the world; she loves connecting with like-minded people and experiencing different cultures. Chicago is one of her favorite cities, and she loves the Bears. Her next trip to the states will be to New York in February, where she can’t wait to combine a race with New York’s Fashion Week!

Morgan trains hard, and she knows the importance of a versatile workout. That’s why F45 workouts are so integral to her regimen. She offers some practical advice for anyone who may be wavering about whether to join an F45 gym. She encourages people to sign up for the free trial and to see for themselves—to go every day to get the full experience and to try the different workouts. She says that every time she walks into the gym, she feels welcomed and included, and she encourages people to just take that step. She states, “It feels like family, so just give it a shot.”


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