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F45 Product | Jul 2023


What do I need to do?

  • Ensure you have the latest version of the F45 Challenge app and have completed the Leaderboard onboarding popup to show up on the Studio Leaderboards.
  • During Trials week, ensure both your selected gender in your F45 Challenge app profile and the assessment you complete match (e.g. Female Gender selected in your profile and Female Assessment completed).
  • Feel free to explore the assessments now however they must be created and completed before midnight on the same day the Workout Stage is scheduled. For example you must complete the Stage 1 Assessment on Monday Jul 11 before midnight for your score to be recorded!
  • Think of the LionHeart, Attendance and F45 Trials Assessment leaderboards as different activities you can participate in! You DON’T require a LionHeart to participate in the Assessment or Attendance Leaderboards for example.
    • Note if your studio uses Glofox as a billing provider they will not have an Attendance Leaderboard but will still have LionHeart and Assessments!
  • Only Assessments will have Global Leaderboards for F45 Trials since this is the focus. There will not be global leaderboards for LionHeart or Attendance.

What is F45 Trials?

Whether you’re an F45 novice, or 20 years into your fitness journey, this is your opportunity to train your heart out and push yourself forward. Seven days. Seven brand new performance-based workouts. Each designed for you to put your fitness skills to the test and show us what you’ve got. Over the course of the week, you’ll get the chance to complete seven workouts (or “Stages”) with paired self-reported, performance tracking via Assessments in the F45 Challenge App. Additionally, In Studio Leaderboards will highlight the Top 10 performing members at your studio as well as global leaderboard showcasing studios with the highest average.

F45 Trails assessments in the F45 Challenge App


Similar to Wahlberg Week, each day you will be able to complete an assessment tailored to each F45 Trials stage. You can explore these now ahead of F45 Trials week in the Track > Assessments section. During F45 Trials week if you record a result for all the assessment exercises (shown as 100% completion) on the same day before midnight your assessment score will be recorded for your studio and, if you’re in the Top 10 for that day, displayed on the Assessments Leaderboard in your studio!

For example, take Susan who attended the Stage 1 Class in-studio on Monday. After class on the way to work and on the same day (timely) Susan accurately recorded each of their exercise results in the F45 Challenge App for the F45 Trials Stage 1 – Female assessment (100% completion!). Susan double checked her gender was also set to Female in her profile. The next day when coming into the studio, assuming they scored in the Top 10, Susan will see themselves on the Female leaderboard.

Now take Jose who attended the Stage 1 Class in-studio on Monday as well. After class, Jose started recording their results on the way to work but forgot to complete all the exercises. The next day when coming into the studio, Jose will not see themselves on any leaderboard.

How does the assessment scoring generally work for F45 Trials?

As part of Trials Week, members will be able to track their results each day in the F45 Challenge App under Track > Assessments. Scoring is all handled in the F45 Challenge app via the Assessments feature.
The scoring itself is based on assumed weights and/or reps being used or assumed distance traveled for each scored exercise, with each exercises’ scoring being weighted equally within an assessment. Adjusting the inputs will vary your score according to the inputs entered. Scoring for each day has been tailored in such a way that performance, speed and strength are weighted equally however it does NOT take into account the individual’s performance level.

What is a “good” score?

Scoring doesn’t take into account your fitness level (New Trial-er, 100+ Classes, Age, etc) however we broadly expect the majority of members to average between 250 to 500 points and will be analyzing all the data post-Trials week to help inform and guide future workouts and assessments to keep them balanced, challenging and engaging. Completing any of the F45 Trials Stages is an accomplishment and setting your personal assessment score is more important than defining a “good” score!

When do I have to submit my assessment?

Before midnight on the same day of the assessment in your timezone. All completed assessments will be auto-submitted. The next day pop into your studio to see if you’ve made it into the Top 10 for either the male or female studio leaderboard.

What date are the assessments tied to?

  1. Stage 1 – Monday – Jul 11
  2. Stage 2 – Tuesday – Jul 12
  3. Stage 3 – Wednesday – Jul 13
  4. Stage 4 – Thursday – Jul 14
  5. Stage 5 – Friday – Jul 15
  6. Stage 6 – Saturday – Jul 16
  7. Stage 7 – Sunday – Jul 17

What if I can’t complete a particular exercise?

That’s ok! If you can’t complete a particular exercise for any reason you can now flag the exercise as ‘Did Not Attempt’ and your score will still count!

F45 Trials Leaderboards in the Studio


In addition to the F45 Trials Assessments leaderboards we are also releasing two new Leaderboards for Attendance and LionHeart shown on TVs in your studio.

Can I customize my Leaderboard display name and picture?

Yes! You will have the opportunity to bring your own personality to F45 Trials. If you’re on the latest version you will be able to set a picture and name or anonymize it completely.

What if I’m not on the Top 10 Studio Leaderboard?

That’s ok! The F45 Challenge app now supports graded assessments. If your assessment result score puts you in the Top 30% of all submitted assessments after the scheduled assessment date (approximately 24-36 hours later!) we will provide you with a %. If you’re outside of the Top 30% you will not see this.

How will the Assessments Leaderboard work?

The Member Assessment Leaderboard is the primary focus for F45 Trials and rewards you based on your fitness performance. The Member Assessments Leaderboard is self-reported data and as such should NOT be relied upon as a concrete assessment of your fitness level. It is intended to be a fun way to engage our global community and provide insights for members to compare (similar to Benchmark and Playoffs). It is not intended to be an exact science.

What results are shown on the Member Assessments Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard will populate based on specific F45 Trials assessments that you complete that are 100% complete and submitted timely (on the same day before midnight). There will be a male and female version of the leaderboard. Ensure both your selected gender in your F45 Challenge app profile matches the assessment you complete (e.g. Male Gender and Male Assessment). You will then appear on the relevant leaderboard the following day.

How will the Global Studio Assessment Leaderboard work?

We are also launching a Global Studio Assessment Leaderboard during Trials Week that will showcase the top studios globally based on the studio’s members’ daily and weekly average scores (e.g. all Stages). If your studio is in the Top 10, you will see a Top 10 version and if your studio isn’t in the Top 10 you will see the three studios ranked above and below your studio.

How will the LionHeart Leaderboard work?

The LionHeart Leaderboard rewards working out in the Studio wearing your LionHeart band. Over the course of the week each LionHeart member’s points are totalled and the Top 10 highest scoring LionHeart users will be showcased.

How do you earn points?

The same way points are earned currently for LionHeart. There is no change to the LionHeart scoring system.

How will the Attendance Leaderboard work?

The Workout Leaderboard rewards working out in the Studio or performing an at-home workout via the F45 Challenge app. It rewards consistent weekly training habits whilst giving bonus points for in-studio group workouts.
Note that if your studio uses GloFox the Attendance Leaderboard will not be shown as we don’t have an integration yet.

How do you earn workout points?

There are three ways to earn points:

  1. Workout Points:
    1. Every day you work out in the studio or at-home via the F45 Challenge app you are awarded 10 workout points. The maximum workout points you can achieve each day is 10 (or 70 for the week). You currently do not receive extra points for working out more than once per day.
  2. Streak Points: For each 3-day consecutive workout streak in a week, you’re awarded 10 points; with an extra 10 points awarded for working out every day of the week. The maximum workout streak points you can achieve in a week is 30.
    1. 7-Day = 30 points
    2. 2 x 3-Day = 20 points (either split or back to back is fine)
    3. 3-Day = 10 points
  3. In-Studio Bonus: For in-studio visits only, on certain days of the week, members will receive bonus points – this is on days where motivation is tougher as well as the more challenging workouts. The maximum in-studio workout points you can achieve in a week is 30. These points do not apply to at-home workouts.
    1. Monday = 10 points
    2. Wednesday = 5 points
    3. Saturday = 5 points
    4. Sunday = 10 points


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