F45: Functional Training You Will Love

Are you looking for a different way to work out? Do you want to get excited about fitness? If so, then an F45 gym is the place for you.

What’s F45, you ask? Excellent question! 

F45 is heart-pounding fun! The F stands for functional, and the 45 is the amount of minutes in each class. Yes, F45 workout sessions are done in a group.

As this short video explains, F45 is group fitness with the attention of a personal trainer. It’s a global gym made by the people in your community. It’s the workout you’ve always wanted with the team you didn’t know you needed.

But it’s so much more than that. F45 is a community of people who not only want you there but who get excited when you walk in the door. The F45 community will become your extended family, your new friends, and the cheerleading squad that will inspire you to reach new heights physically and to accomplish things you never even imagined were possible.

An F45 gym is the place where the trainers will get to know you and where they will work with your level of fitness. It’s a place where people of all abilities can go and where intimidation must be left at the door.

You might worry that these workouts seem too hard, that you’re not in shape, or that you could never maneuver your body, use the equipment, or lift weights like the people in the video. But that’s one of the unique things about F45 trainers—they themselves are trained. They’re trained to work with people who have no past experience with a gym, with people who haven’t worked out in years, and of course with the experienced gym member.

The F45 trainers know how to adapt all the workouts to you personally. Their goal is to help you get healthier and to help you improve your fitness level so you not only feel better physically but mentally as well.

That’s what fitness does. It improves your overall physique and your outlook on life. The amount of members who have told us that their lives have been transformed by F45 is countless. 

We have seen people recover and become stronger after serious accidents, after breaking a bone, after surgeries or cancer, and more. Our bodies are resilient, and when we hone them and treat them well, we become healthier.

That is why when you start training at an F45 gym, you will see a transformation that doesn’t come easily from other gyms. In most gyms, you show up, do your workout, and go home. You don’t really interact with the other members, and you may get a “hi” and a “bye” when you enter and exit. Unless you sign up for a private class or ask for help, your interaction with others is minimal.

But at F45 you are part of the family. You are wanted, and you are valued. And after just one class, you will want to be a part of this amazing F45 community.  

So what are you waiting for? Visit our site to learn more about F45 gyms and to find one near you!


By: Susan Ciancio


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